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Fixed Wing VTOL Drones

DeltaQuad Pro

The DeltaQuad Pro is a fully autonomous, Vertical Takeoff and Landing drone with smart technology that gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in rain & snow and autonomously execute missions from takeoff to landing, even beyond communication range. The DeltaQuad can fly up to 150KM using the Auxiliary Battery option, or up to 100KM carrying a 1,2KG payload and has up to 50KM radio & video range or even unlimited range using VPN secured mobile networks..

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

UAV for inspection, mapping & surveying purposes

✔ RGB, Multispectral & Thermal/IR
✔ Flight time of up to 110 minutes
✔ Coverage up to 1200HA (3000AC)
✔ Up to 61 megapixel camera
✔ Live video connection with UAV

DeltaQuad #VIEW

UAV for surveillance & reconnaissance purposes

✔ Thermal/IR & RGB
✔ Flight time of up to 110 minutes
✔ Autonomous Object Following
✔ 360° gimbal & 80x zoom
✔ Live HD video up to 50 KM


DeltaQuad #CARGO

UAV for transportation or custom sensor integrations

✔ Flight time of up to 2 hours
✔ Full 1.2KG payload available
✔ Payload drop mechanism
✔ Customizations possible
✔ Live FPV video

WingtraOne GEN II


A mapping drone for large-scale surveys with unmatched data quality at a fraction of the time and cost.

Whether it’s a highway, a industrial zone, or a mine, you can work on large-scale projects that previously couldn’t be mapped with a drone. And it only lasts for a few hours.

Home Automation by


iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum

Cleans deep into corner and along edges
Cleans targeted mess the moment it happens
Learns & maps your home. Cleans when and where you want.
Delivers 40x power-lifting suction*
Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes

iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

Clean targeted mess the moment it happens
Learns and maps your home. Cleans when and where you want
Delivers 10x power-lifting suction*
Customize with iRobot OS and voice assistant integration
Focuses on the dirtier areas with Dirt Detect™ Technology


iRobot Braava jet m6

Tackles mess with Precision Jet Spray
Learns and maps your home. Mops when and where you want.
Cleans the entire level of your home in neat rows
Mops tiles, hardwood and stone

DJI Repair Center

Africa Drone Kings is a DJI Approved after-sales support and a Drone Repair Center, and we’re known Nationwide for the quality, fast and efficient drone repairs we provide. We also Service all the Parrot Drones in South Africa, Zhiyun gimbals and more to come.

Drone Repair

We will happily collect your drone for repairs. If in a hurry? book your drone for repairs and choose to have a rush assessment and repair.

Our skilled technicians will have you back in the air. Get a diagnostic assessment report within 3-5 working days.

Service & Maintenance

Take every flight with confidence knowing your drone is kept in optimum flying condition

We will keep you updated at every stage of the repair process. Every repair tickets update from our staff is visible and accessible on our website so you are always in the loop.

Aprove your estamates and repairs online!

DJI Approved Repair Centre

Every repair is different…… but our highly trained technicians are always ready to advice you on what needs immediate repair to assure smooth flight and crisp footage. Never compromising on quality and functionality.