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Zhiyun tech crane 3 lab creator package

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The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3 LAB Creator Package includes the CRANE 3 LAB gimbal and dedicated accessories that allow for optimal workflow with the gimbal. The CRANE 3 LAB supports up to 4.5 kg and features a standout design with a top handle.

  • The articulating Phone Holder secures smartphones up to 16cm wide to the Crane 3 Lab.
  • The Quick Setup Kit consists of two adapters that allow you to put together and break down your gimbal quickly.
  • The Telescopic Monopod can help you create amazing jib shots from different angles.
  • The Multifunction Camera Belt is a convenient camera and accessories hanging system to keep your hands free.
  • The Quick Release Baseplate allows for quick camera changes to and from the Crane 3 Lab.
  • The Servo Focus/Zoom Combo Kit allows you to control your camera’s focus and zoom from your smartphone while mounted on the Crane 3 Lab.

Crane 3 LAB Handheld Stabiliser

The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3 LAB takes gimbal design in a different direction with the addition of a handle on top. With an included mini tripod attached on the bottom and this fixed, ergonomic handle on top, the CRANE 3 LAB can be used two-handed for optimal stability.

TransMount Quick Release Baseplate for WEEBILL LAB, Crane 3-Lab & Crane 2

The TransMount Quick Release Baseplate from Zhiyun-Tech is designed to let you easily move your camera between the gimbal and the TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt or Gimbal Bag. On one side, the baseplate accepts the mounting plate of the WEEBILL LAB, Crane 3-Lab, or Crane 2, and on the other side, it features a latch that lets you attach onto the straps provided on the outside of the belt and bag.

TransMount Telescopic Monopod with Locking Buckle

The Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Telescopic Monopod with Locking Buckle is designed to work with the optional TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt to support handheld gimbals.

TransMount Focus & Zoom Servo Combo Kit for Crane 3-Lab

The Crane 3-Lab gimbal supports up to two motors at the same time. The Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Focus & Zoom Servo Combo Kit includes the TransMount Max zoom/focus servo and slightly lighter TransMount Lite focus servo. Together these two motors allow you to control both focus and zoom with zero latency. The motors attach to the bottom of the Crane’s baseplate without any tools using just the included brackets, rods, and thumbscrews.

TransMount Quick Setup Adapter for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB

The TransMount Quick Setup Adapter from Zhiyun-Tech is a quick release adapter for instantly attaching mini tripods and monopods to the Crane 3-Lab or WEEBILL LAB gimbal. It consists of two parts—one screw onto the tripod/monopod and the other to the gimbal’s tripod mount, and the two simply click into each other.

TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB

The TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear from Zhiyun-Tech is compatible with the Crane 3-Lab and WEEBILL LAB. It secures on the side of the gimbal and is adjustable to hold phones up to 6.3″ wide when the phone is held in landscape orientation.

TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt (Large)

Designed to support the TransMount Mini and Telescopic monopods, the large Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt provides a point of stability for anything you mount on the monopod, including a gimbal.