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Xiaomi 17Pin Juistar Portable Blender

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Product Description

With Xiaomi 17Pin Juistar Portable Blender you can make natural, fresh, instant and personalized drinks. You can

create your own shakes or drinks anytime with fresh fruits, vegetables, and/or nutritional beverages, then Shake ‘n Enjoy! Xiaomi 17Pin Juistar Portable Blender is simple, convenient, Portable and Light. It lets you enjoy a healthy and hearty drink like having a cup of coffee. Xiaomi 17Pin Juistar Portable Blender is not a bulkier blender, it’s just like a normal high quality and good looking glass cup, it is stylish and has a very light Weight Design. It has a simple and baseless design, using space limit stacking technology to make the cup lighter and smoother, the whole machine is about 495g weight. It is quick and easy when making your favorite shake or drink anytime, anywhere! It’s got multiple safety protection features like it’s hidden Blending blades designed to safeguard from accidental injury, an automatic power shutoff when cap not securely screwed onto cup. For battery charging, Juistar is equipped with the state-of-the-art magnetic contacts that make the old-fashioned plug-and-pull obsolete. Being energy efficient, each fully charged battery on Juistar is good for making up to 15 blends. It has an easy cleaning – smart design for quick rinse and cleaning.



– Item: Juicer Cup Portable Blender

– Battery capacity: 700mAH x 2

– Operating time: 30 seconds / session

– Number of operation: 15 sessions if fully recharged

– Recharging time: About 2 hours

– Product weight: 495 grams

– Capacity: 400 ml

– Color : white/pink


-12 Month Limited


-1 x Juistar Juicer Cup Portable Blender

-1 x Instruction

-1 x USB Charging Cable

Approved Materials for safe food contacts:

▪ 304 Stainless steel blade, feel free to use.

▪ * Juistar is classified as a low power rating appliance suitable for blending fruits, vegetables, or oatmeal and

adequate amount of liquid, such as water and milk, but not meat or nuts, nor is it for being used as a grinder*

▪ High Quality Glass cup for hot or cold drinks

▪ Easy battery charging allows 15 cups of drinks from a single full charge.