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PSDK Vector Digital Oblique Aerial Camera

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-Cadastral Survey

-Urban Planning

-Real Estate Integration

-Smart Cities

-House Surveying

-Public Security and Fire Control

1.Excellent Detection System: Conducting Every UAV Operation.

2.Excellent Thermal Control System: Built-in Thermal Control withSmart U-loop Structure Enabling Smart Heat Intemperance of Each Component

3.Excellent PSDK System: Seamless Similarity with DJI,a WhollyUnder-control Camera with Real-time Working Status Displayed onDJI App or Control.

4.Excellent Power Supply System: Easy and Safe Centralized PowerSupply through USB3.0 by Aerial Vehicles or Laptops, Plug and Play!

5.Excellent Power Saving System: Trivial Power ConsumptionSaving Energy for a Highly Well Organised Operation.

6.Smart Precise photographing System: Based on PatentedTechnologies of Image-free Control and Time Synchronization, Pictures and POS information from every flight are automatically matched and can be conveniently exported.

7.Smart, Elegant, Light and Convenient

Compatible drone Platform



Pixel of a Single Lens:24 million

Total Pixel: 120 million

Dimension of Sensors:23.5mm*15.6mm (APS-C) DPI:Single 6000*4000

Trigger mode of shutter:Trigger by Flight Control Signal Interval of solid photographing:>0.7s

Number of Lens:One central directed nadir25mm +four oblique 35.6mm

Cameras:Special Fixed Focus Lens for Aerial Photography installed at an internal inclination