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PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 Filter ND-PL Set (ND-PL8/16/32/64) (Professional)

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Product Description

This PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 Filter ND-PL Set (ND-PL8/16/32/64) (Professional) makes adjusting to varying lighting conditions easy. Included in this set is an ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, and ND64/PL filter. The filters combine the benefits of two filter types in one. You get the light reduction of neutral density filters together with the increased color saturation, image sharpness, and reflection/glare reduction of polarized filters. The light entering your Mavic Air 2 gimbal is reduced by 3 to 6 stops, which is ideal for partly cloudy to extremely bright sunlight and in achieving shots requiring longer exposure times.

PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 CPL Filter (Professional)

Durable Construction:

The filters are constructed from German SCHOTT optical glass that has been ground and polished multiple times for a low refractive index to deliver accurate colour reproduction. They’re protected from damage with a waterproof, oil-resistant, and anti-scratch coating.

Double-sided coating making it WATERPROOF, oil and scratch resistant

The filter’s double-sided, multi-layered coating repels water and oil, which makes it easy to keep clean. The filter’s hard coating also makes it scratch resistant. The optical glass contains two additional coatings, one to help reduce reflections without colour shifts and another to help absorb red light.

The Hybrid ND-PL filter prevents unwanted reflections. It also saturates colors and improves image sharpness to create more vivid photos. It reduces the shutter speed and prevents overexposure to create smooth, cinematic, aerial videos. Rotate to change its polarizing effect.


Product name- MAVIC AIR 2 filter (professional version)

Main material- aluminum, optical glass

Applicable models- MAVIC AIR 2

Net weight- UV, ND: 1.03g; CPL, ND-PL: 1.4g

Product size- 22.7mm * 18.5mm * 4.2mm

Packing size- 100mm * 95mm * 30mm

Packing weight- single product 74g, suit 108g