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Oblique Sony a6100

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Product Description

Optimised for 3D

To map 3D structures, from individual buildings to entire cities, WingtraOne’s oblique solution with the fast-triggering 6100 camera and wide-angle 12 mm optics in a slanted mount is the best option.

A low-oblique configuration

The high-end Sony a6100 camera and a wide-angle 12mm lens are combined in the WingtraOne oblique solution in a tilted mount and low-oblique configuration.

The best option for mapping bare land or open fields is to use a camera that is pointed straight down so that all of the points in the image are at the same distance from the camera.

You need to record adequate detail on the vertical walls if you wish to map 3D structures like buildings or highwalls. It is ideal to use a low-oblique configuration to capture as much detail as possible because it offers a wide field of vision to the front and sides.

With WingtraOne’s unmatched PPK geotagging accuracy, VTOL capability, and optimised oblique flight planning in WingtraPilot, you can quickly and accurately create lifelike digital twins.

Because of how the oblique payload is set up, you only need to fly your area once (no cross-grid planning needed). Your field efficiency is increased, and you can map up to 180 hectares (445 ac)* in a single flight as a result.

* Flying at a height of 120 metres (400 feet), with an 80% side overlap.

Recommended post-processing software

We advise Bentley ContextCapture or ESRI SiteScan software to produce high-quality models and the best 3D reconstruction results possible from huge WingtraOne datasets.