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DJI Z15 Wingsland Gimbal Spotlight for M300RTK

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Product Description

The long-awaited DJI Z15 Spotlight has finally arrived! The Z15 Gimbal Spotlight is designed from DJI’s Payload SDK (PSDK) program in collaboration with Wingsland. The spotlight is fully joined into a 3-axis equilibrated gimbal. The Spotlight features a gigantic 10,200 lumen output and can give light output up to 500 feet in distance. This payload has been designed and is adequate for public safety, search & rescue, private security, and other mission-critical night operations with the DJI Matrice 200 series. Built on DJI’s PSDK SkyPort, the Spotlight has full, native support with the DJI Pilot App for remote control of the Spotlight from the ground. Add a DJI Matrice 200 Spotlight to your UAS today and light it up!

Features of the Z15 Spotlight:

-Fully integrated gimbal system, no wiring or additional batteries/power needed

-Cooperative with Matrice 300, Matrice 200 V1 and V2 Series aircrafts

-Three operating modes

-10,200 lumen output via a 48 watt LED system

-Forced air cooling system to avert overheating

-Excellent temperature protection

-DJI Pilot App native support

-Given the Spotlight’s magnificent bright output at 10,200 lumens, law enforcement, emergency response, private security, firefighters, and beyond can easily and simply light up a scene at night or in lowlight conditions.

Three Operating Modes:

The Spotlight features three operating modes for various operating needs and conditions that can be controlled from the DJI Pilot App. The three operating modes incorporate Always On, Flashing and SOS.

Air Cooling System & Excellent Protection:

A Spotlight this bright is sure to give a lot of heat. Wingsland in collaboration with DJI have added a built-in forced air cooling system which help to ensure that the Spotlight in operating in or as closed to it’s perfect temperature collection by evaporating heat away from the Spotlight’s internal structure. In addition, an excellent protection system will help avert overheating by automatically adjusting the Spotlight’s output level when the internal temperature level exceeds 194°F (90°C).