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Product Description

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is a powerhouse of a drone that features its own six-directional sensing and positioning system right out of the box to avoid collisions – a necessary safety feature.

Powerful Range and Detection Ability

DJI’s Circular Scanning Millimeter-Wave Radar, or ‘CSM’, takes the M300’s safety features even further, allowing the drone to detect potential obstacles up to 98 feet away, in addition to covering any blind spots of M300’s internal obstacle detection system. The CSM also allows operators to detect smaller (but still hazardous) obstacles such as branches, powerlines, and thin wires – complementing its detection range.

Alarms + Automated Braking

Pilots can adjust the preset alarm distance to receive an alert whenever the M300 gets too close to an obstacle. Likewise, operators can also change the preset obstacle braking distance that automatically stops the drone before it collides with a detected object. The CSM is especially suited for nighttime operations, where the M300’s built-in vision system is rendered incapable in the dark.

Increased Operational Safety

These alarm and detection features ensure operators can pilot their M300 aircraft safely and confidently even through tight areas or otherwise complex mission environments.

Finally, the CSM Radar is IP45 rated to match the M300. This protection ensures that this accessory has the endurance needed to keep up even in difficult weather conditions.

The CSM Radar ensures operators have what they need to maximize their operational safety, even in the most challenging mission scenarios.