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CZI MP140 Digital Broadcast System

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Product Description

MP140 digital voice broadcasting system
Built-in micro camera Strong sound disperse function

MP140 is a special UAV Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), the highest sound volume can reach to 140dB, the farthest sound reaching to distance of
more than 1000 meters, in the effective coverage area, it sounds clearly to the object of broadcasting. With strong penetration, it can effectively transmit voice information to the target, can carry out a wide range of aerial broadcast announcement, suitable
for large-scale exercises, rescue scenarios broadcast command and dispatch. With strong sound disperse mode, it can be used for strong sound
expulsion in mass events and strong sound bird disperse in airports and other scenes.

Product Advantages
Maximum broadcasting volume
Effective Long Sound Distance
Built-in HD Camera
Pitch angles while broadcasting

Effective Broadcasting Result
Maximum volume up to 140dB
Sound pressure up to 120dB at 10m
Effective sound broadcasting
distance 1000m

Multiple broadcasting modes
TTS Text-to-Speech
Live broadcasting
Record file loop playing
Memory audio file playing

Built-in Micro Gimbal Camera
Tri-Axis Anti-Vibration Micro Gimbal
1080P HD Camera
0-90° tilt adjustment
Quick release adapter
Efficient heat dissipation and triple
protection design (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof)

Size 225 X 272 X 223mm
Weight 2.5kg
Maximum power 200W
Rated voltage 48V
Operating temperature : -20 degree centigrade to +40 degree centigrade
Mounted interface
DJI SkyPoartV2.0 (connected to DJI Matrix M300 RTK), Or quick mount/release ring set for other drone. Communication link DJI drone link
Pitch angle 0-90 degree

Shouting method

live broadcasting
Audio recording upload
Audio file playing
Text to speech (supports many dialects)
Background music (automatic avoiding)

Audio format mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac
Control end UAV control / APP