How to Maintain and Take Care of Your Drone

Pre-Flight Checklist
A pre-flight check is always important when it comes to flying your drone. A pre-flight check is basically a list of tasks that you need to carry out prior to flying your drone. Some of the things included in this list include making sure your batteries are well charged, that you have all of the equipment you need during the flight amongst other things. All this really helps to avoid things like crashing your drone.

Have a suitable Case/ Backpack for your drone

A backpack or hard case for your drone is always important as it guarantees the safety of your drone whilst you are on the move. This also ensures your drone is well protected and safe.

Take care of your Batteries

Taking care of your batteries is very crucial for a number of different reasons. The batteries are the ones that power up your drone when flying hence it is very important to take good care of them. Some of the tips on taking care of your batteries include:

  • Flying with only fully charged batteries
  • Removing the battery from your drone when it is not in use
  • Do not keep your battery on the charger for longer than 2 days
  • Do not fully drain your batteries
  • Avoid using a damaged battery on your drone
  • Also, make a conscious effort to handle your batteries with great care!

Keep your software updated

It is very important to check if your software is well up to date before flying. This is very important because if the firmware update is not updated, you may not be able to even fly your aircraft. Therefore it is crucial that the firmware update is always up to date.

Make sure your propellers are in good condition

Propellers play an important and crucial role when flying your drone. They are the ones that play an important role in making sure your drone is safe in the air. Therefore, if your propeller is cracked, chipped, or no longer sharp, it is best to replace it,. Again, it is important to just carry a spare pair of propellers just -to be safe.

Keep your motors clean

Keeping the motors clean and well maintained is important. After flying your drone, you can remove the propellers and dust off or blow off any debris that could have been caught in between or inside the motors. Also, prevent your motors from over-heating or wearing out as this affects the flight.

Fly your drone in good conditions

It is very important to fly your drone in good conditions, these are good weather conditions! The recommended flying weather conditions are usually stated in the drone’s user manual. Generally, there are certain weather conditions that one can not fly in. These include heavy snow, fog, and heavy rains. Flying in these bad conditions might definitely result in the damage of your drone.

Regularly clean your drone

By cleaning your drone, this ensures there is no debris, sand, grass, or dirt stuck inside your drone’s motors. You can use a soft brush to do so. For cleaning the body of your drone, you can use a clean soft and damp cloth to wipe it. Some of the equipment that is essential to clean include isopropyl alcohol for the body of the drone, for that really good cleaning!

Its also always good to keep some spares for your aircraft. These include a spare set of propellers, spare batteries, a soldering iron, and also a small toolkit for that good maintenance.

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