Just when we think that the P4 line up was no more from DJI, they just released another drone on the P4 line-up, the Phantom 4 Multispectral. The new launch was something unexpected to most of us.

This new drone continues to cement the grounds of DJI in the drone market when you want a drone that can offer you reliability and have a good flight time and you are in the crop monitoring business, then the P4 Multispectral is the go-for product for you.

Built on the tested and proven P4 platform, the drone has a 27min flight time, this coupled with the same flight distance of the Phantom 4 drones makes it easy to be able to cover a large area in one flight.

This drone questions the need to have an additional multispectral camera coupled to the drone and thus eating away the flight time of the drone. making this drone an amazing arsenal for tackling crop surveillance.

DJI continues to grow a range of their products, and this on its own in a time of the growing need to farm intelligently serves a great purpose to save farmers money and time.